XL Molecular Sieve Filter Drier




XL Molecular Sieve Filter Drier

A Molecular Sieve Filter Drier is intended to capture moisture and contaminants in the solvent by filter it out while the solvent passes through the Filter Drier. This Filter Drier is made out of 304 Stainless Steel parts and includes High Pressure Clamps,  2x 4" 2500 Mesh (5 Micron) Gaskets to prevent any Sieve dust contaminating the solvent, and 4A Molecular Sieve. The end connections are 3/8' 37° Flared Connection with a compound gauge that reads (-30)-0-(150Psi).


  • Material: 304 Stainless Steel
  • Spool Size: 4" Triclamp x 24" Length
  • End Connections: 3/8" 37° JIC Flare
  • Molecular Sieve: 4A
  • Clamps: 4" High Pressure
  • Gaskets: 2x 4" 2500 Mesh (5 Micron)
  • Compound Gauge: (-30-0-(150 Psi)
  • Includes four 2LB Bags of Molecular Sieve Beads 

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