Welch WOB-L Dry Pump



Dry Vacuum Pump - Welch WOB-L

The WOB-L dry vacuum pump from Welch uses piston pumps, which work extremely well down to 100 Torr. This pump was designed for filtering up to two funnels at a time, vacuum drying, desiccation and more.

This dry vacuum pump contains both a pressure regulator and a pressure gauge, letting you control everything you need straight from the pump.


  • filter up to two funnels at a time
  • oil-less operation
  • prevents water intake
  • muffler included

The pump requires no oil operate, which can save you time and money on maintenance.

A built-in inlet water adapter will also prevent the pump from water intake, via a float ball, that rises and automatically and cuts off flow when water enters the system.

Not only that, but an included muffler which filters exhaust air and reduces pump noise.

Note: This pump may be used with aqueous or vapor operations only.

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