Welch ILMVAC High Capacity-High Vacuum Pump



Welch ILMVAC Vacuum Pump

The Welch ILMVAC Vacuum Pump model is a diaphragm vacuum pump. This is the high-capacity and high-vacuum model.

A “dry” operation pump.

These vacuum pumps are “dry”, which in layman’s terms means that they use no oil in operation. One of the many benefits of eliminating oil from a vacuum pump application is that it’s environmentally friendly and far more ecologically responsible, as it reduces the overall hydrocarbon output of the device.

A corrosion-reistant, diaphragm pump.

Diaphragm vacuum pumps use a series of valves in a pulsing, open-and-closing motion to move air, which allows this pump to operate completely free of oil. The valves in the system are typically made of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), which helps guard against corrosion. These pumps can be used for a multitude of uses including large Rotary Evaporators. 

Save money on maintenance.

The Welch ILMVAC Vacuum Pump may have a higher upfront cost than some other models, but you will save valuable time and money on maintenance on the backend. For the most detailed practical comparison of vacuum pump options on the web, visit our buyer’s guide.

Welch ILMVAC Pumps are suited to different vacuum levels.

The main application for these pumps is for low-to-medium vacuum levels, but some diaphragm pumps have been designed for medium to high vacuum applications. Depending on the size and valve count, flow rates will vary along with maintenance cost and time.

We also carry another Welch ILMVAC Pump, with slightly different specifications and features. Each vacuum pump is well-suited to certain laboratories and tasks over others, so make sure you get the one that’s right for you!


Picking out the correct vacuum pump can be difficult for those new to the industry, so please contact Lab Society if you have any questions about what pump is needed for specific applications. We also offer a range of consulting and set-up services, including building out an entire laboratory.

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