Welch DryFast Ultra Pump



Welch DryFast Ultra Pump

The Welch DryFast Ultra Pump (PTFE Diaphragm) is made from protected internal components, including: Kalrez valves, PTFE heads and diaphragm, flourinated plastics, and more. All parts are oil free, which sets this unit apart from others in the class. This units small footprint makes it a fantastic fit for any lab. Welch DryFast Ultra Pump units have an Advanced Vapor Management System which allows for the faster evaporation of organics.

An easy to use, no-nonsense vacuum pump.

The Welch DryFast Ultra™ two-head diaphragm design makes it easier than ever to connect and disconnect vacuum lines. The result is a pump that’s highly effective and still very easy to use.

Varying flow rates, adjustable vacuum knob.

These pumps come in varying flow rates, all the way up to 70 L/min. They also come standard with an adjustable vacuum knob, giving the user control over vacuum pull all the way down to 2 Torr. This family of pumps have a wide variety of uses, such as: distillation, rotary evaporation, vacuum ovens, concentration, and more.

Welch DryFast Ultra Pumps work especially well at removing high boiling-point compounds and solvents such as Dimethylformamide.


25 LPM x 2 torr 115v
04-DryFast Family

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