Vital Fish Hydrolysate Liquid Fish Fertilizer, Gallon

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Vital Fish Hydrolysate Liquid Fish Fertilizer, Gallon

  • -A blend of premium cold-pressed Liquid Fish Hydrolysate (liquid fertilizer) that  provide a great food source foryou plants and you fungi in your soil
  • -This product contains amino and fatty acids with intact protein chains providing essential plant support.
  • -Vital Fish is a great source of Nitrogen
  • -This product works great as a root feeding or in compost teas
  • -This product can also be foliar fed to your garden

Monster Gardensrecommends this as a root or foliar feeding, and if you brew compost tea, please give this product a try. (Picture shows both 1 gallon and 5 gallon sizes, this listing is for the 1 gallon size)


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