Victor Cutskill® Medium Duty 250 Series Nitrogen Regulator




Victor Cutskill® Medium Duty 250 Series Nitrogen Regulator

 The Victor Cutskill nitrogen purging regulator is designed for the tradesman and HVAC and refrigeration industries because of its reliability. This regulator is used to backfill columns creating pressure and pushing solvent through columns and will regulate the amount of pressure entering the system with precision. The Victor Cutskill can also be used to pressure check lines, flush lines, blow out lines or clean and purge components.

Regulator Specifications:

  • Single Stage Design
  • Delivery Range: 1-500 PSIG
  • Outlet Connection: 1/4" 37° Flare
  • CGA 580
  • 2 Year Mfr. Warranty
  • Maximum Inlet Pressure: 3000PSIG/204Bar
  • Neoprene Diaphragm
  • Stem Type Seat Mechanism
  • Forged Brass Body and Housing Cap
  • Medium Duty

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