Vapor Temperature Monitoring Kit

Input: One (1) K-Type Input
Size: 10/18 Jt.


Vapor Temperature Monitoring Kit

– J-Kem

Our Vapor Temperature Monitoring Kit (or Vapor Temperature Monitor Kit) was specifically designed to be used with any distillation head that can accept a thermocouple adapter.* 
Vapor Temperature Monitoring Kit

Compatible with EliteLab.


  • precision temperature monitor
  • custom probe inlet adapter
  • 4” K-Type thermocouple probe
  • LED display
  • capture and log data

With our precision temperature monitor, you can monitor the vapor temperature of your short path distillation head on the (digital) LED display.

You can also log and monitor your data with the associated software provided by J-KEM (and a windows-based computer).  

Note: With an 1/8th inch diameter thermocouple probe, you’ll need to have a thermocouple adapter that fits your specific distillation head.

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