This is a replacement thermocouple used for monitoring vapor temperature or reaction temperatures. They can be used in conjunction with our temperature monitors. Lab Society offers varying thermocouple types and lengths, so you can effectively monitor temperatures throughout your equipment chain. We sell both K and T type thermocouples, and coated and uncoated varieties to fit the maximum range of applications.

Thermocouple Temperature ranges:

  • Type K: -50 to 1200 degrees C
  • Type T: -200 to 250 degrees C

Accuracy of meters:

  • Series 9900, 3200 and 3300:  /- 0.25% of range, /- 1 degree C

ANSI limits of error above 0 degrees C for thermocouples and extension cords:

  • Type K: greater of 2.2 degrees C or 0.75% of range
  • Type T: greater of 1 degree C or 0.75% of range

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