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Test Tubes are used to hold and test various reactions in small spaces. They can be used to test multiple small batches of  different experiments at the same time saving time and space.

If you’re looking for where to buy test tubes, you’ve come to the right place.

These test tubes are made of borosilicate glass, which is an ideal choice for laboratory use.


  • American-made borosilicate glass,
  • non-reactive,
  • spherical bottom,
  • a low-cost solution.

Why use a test tube?

In (organic) chemistry applications, you want a non-reactive material that won’t be affected by the solutions, chemicals, or compounds that you place inside.

Not only that, but you want your glass to be sturdy enough to withstand multiple uses over a long period of time in your lab. This product was designed to meet and exceed the rigorous demands of any commercial lab.


Test tubes have a wide range of practical uses in the fields of: chemistry, biosciences, medicine and much more. Their ability to withstand extreme heat and open flame (when heated from the bottom) makes them an ideal choice for testing reactions on a small scale to understand what will happen on a larger scale.

In practice, they can withstand many corrosive chemicals and extended heating at extreme temperatures.

Not only that, but their expansion-resistant makeup makes them less susceptible to typical issues that can plague normal glassware. They can be used with a bunsen burner or an alcohol burner (or even just a standard heat gun).

Heat gently to work with thicker compounds.

When dealing with thick, organic compounds (used widely in the industry), applying a little heat directly to the glass can help you pour out the contents without damaging the product itself – a tip we use all the time in our own labs!

Spherical bottom.

Having a spherical bottom prevents mass-loss when pouring out the contents of the test tube. The lack of corners means that substances contained within have fewer places to “hide”, so you can get a larger percentage of your compounds out.

A side benefit is that cleaning is also much easier. For industrial applications, we wholeheartedly recommend using a rounded bottom test tube.

Due to this product’s inability to stand upright on its own, we advise you to use a test tube clamp with it to hold it in place.

So affordable, they could be disposable.

Because these are such vital components of any lab, we wanted to make sure you could buy the highest quality without breaking the bank.

While they are not necessarily disposable per se, you may find that your particular application has you going through more of these than you expected!

If you need these to be disposable for your lab, go right ahead without worrying about racking up costly glassware bills. For the more cautious, these can last you a long time.

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