Table Clamp



Table Clamp

A table clamp (also known as a vise clamp or c clamp) is a device that attaches to a lab table and can have a support rod easily clamped into it.

This attached rod can have additional support clamps attached, making it easy for you to support large arrangement of potentially fragile equipment and create a backbone for positioning your supplies, glassware, and kits.

Our Lattice Rack Kit is a perfect example of such a laboratory backbone built out.


  • sturdy, steel construction
  • clamps to most common table sizes
  • extreme clamping force
  • easily attach multiple other rods and clamps
  • support and protect your fragile glassware

Gain more space in your lab.

Save space and increase your lab efficiency by attaching extra support clamps, retort rings or other structural devices. These simple vise clamps are versatile, and they come in handy when space is limited!

Support your investments.

These clamps are some of the unsung heroes of a laboratory, and they are an effective way to protect your gear. Lightweight, metal clamps are easy to attach and remove from most lab tables.

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