Silicone 550 Mesh (25 Micron)

Size: 1.5-inch



Silicone 550 Mesh (25 Micron)

These white silicone mesh gaskets are meant for filtration with alcohol systems because of their great resistance to many of the common forms of alcohol. They are NOT recommended for use with Butane or Propane.

For Further Chemical Resistance specifications please refer to this chart:  Chemical Compatibility Database

Maximum Pressure  Not Rated
Temperature Range  -40 to 450F
Color  White
Material  Silicone
Screen Material  316 Stainless Steel 
Standards Met  3A and FDA


Chemical Resistance
Alcohols: Amyl  D - Poor
Benzyl  N / A
Butyl B - Good
Diacetone D- Poor
Ethyl B - Good
Hexyl B - Good
Isobutyl A - Excellent
Isopropyl A - Excellent
Methyl A - Excellent
Octyl B - Good
Propyl A - Excellent
Butane D - Poor
Propane D - Poor


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