Scilogex DS-500 Homogenizer Probe




Scilogex DS-500 Homogenizer Probe

(Probe ONLY - Motor NOT Included)

This is the Scilogex DS-500 Homogenizer probe with either coarse teeth for solid/liquid media or fine slot teeth for Water in Oil/Oil in Water emulsions both probes are good for volumes from 10-5000ml and will attach to the D500 drive motor. Each probe is 20mm in diameter and has a 215mm immerse length with flat head-open slots.

Slot Type Specifications:

Probe Slot Type Specifications
Model # Slot Type Media Type
DS-500/1 Flat Head-Open COARSE Solid/Liquid
DS-500/2 Flat Head-Open FINE Water in Oil/Oil in Water Emulsions


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