Rodaviss Stopper Solid Bottom 45/50



Rodaviss Stopper

A Rodaviss Stopper will help prevent your glassware from getting stuck together.

Applies even pressure, letting you safely disconnect the joint – every time.

A black plastic ring sits below the glass protrusion on the dome; When the stopper is unscrewed, the ring pushes up against the protruding glass. This creates even pressure, preventing glass from getting stuck.

Make 45/50 joints airtight.

Rodaviss stoppers also make 45/50 joints airtight, and they offer you a viewport on top of the flask.

The stopper joint makes adding and removing a magnetic stir bar easy, especially when compared to smaller-sized joints. The bigger joint also allows for a larger magnetic stirring rod to be placed inside the flask.

Rodaviss stoppers can fit in a multitude of Lab Society glassware, such as our:

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