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Ring Stand

A ring stand (also known as a retort standor a clamp stand) is the unsung hero at the heart of every lab.

Our ring stand is a sturdy piece of scientific equipment that clamps and other fragile equipment (such as glassware) can be attached to. It can help you hold test tubes, burettes, flasks, and more safely in place.


  • sturdy metal rod
  • chemically-resistant base
  • perfect for distillation, titration, filtering, & more
  • keeps your glassware safe and prevents breakage

The construction is simple: a sturdy metal rod screws into a chemically-resistant metal base, letting you support your hanging equipment or glassware. A ring stand is like a spine for your lab equipment – it holds everything you need in place!

Ring stands are frequently used in all kinds of experiments, such as titration, distillation, filtering and much more.

Fully connectible and customizable.

Various types of boss heads can be used for connections, as well as other clamps, rods, and supports. The combination will create a strong backbone for your valuable equipment.

Provide a strong foundation for your reactions.

The wide base is a perfect resting point for hot plates or magnetic stirrers, letting you effectively control and monitor your chemical reactions.

Protect your investment – support your glassware!

The primary function of these essential products it to protect your valuable investments.

Having your glassware properly supported will reduce unnecessary stress and breakage while improving the joint-sealing between different pieces of glass. By reducing stress on the joints (and keeping your products at the right heights/angles), you can ensure that your components function as intended.

Ring stands are one of the most common pieces of equipment in a laboratory, and every basic lab should have at least a few.

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