Pro Series Vacuum Pump Oil Mist Filter

Size: 5.6CFM



Pro Series Vacuum Pump Oil Mist Filter

Pro Series Vacuum Pump Oil Mist Filter allows the user to filter out any oil mist due to the vacuum process and will eliminate your work area from being contaminated with fine oil mist. An oil mist filter also captures the oil and lets it drain back into the vacuum pump after the pump is turned off and making the vacuum pump noticeably quieter during operation. The Oil Mist Filter also has KF25 High Vacuum end connections.

There are 2 sizes of the oil mist filter for our Pro Series Vacuum Pumps, one fits the 5.6CFM and the other is interchangeable between the 11.3 and 21.2CFM sizes. A KF25 gasket and Clamp is included with every Pro series pump and can be purchased separately if needed.

These oil mist filters can be used with any vacuum pump with KF25 connections. We recommend the 5.6CFM for any vacuum pump up to 10CFM. We recommend the 11.3-21.2CFM for any vacuum pump up to 24CFM. 

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