Pro Series Manifold with Charging Hose Set




Pro Series Manifold with Charging Hose Set R290/R600

This manifold is designed for R290 and R600 Propane and Butane solvents for closed loop extraction systems and for nitrogen assistance to push solvent through the system. When used in an active closed loop recovery and circulation system, the manifold allows the user to control the solvent input via the manifold through the gauges and allows you to monitor the pressure and vacuum of the system while it is running.



  • Aluminum Block Body
  • 1/4" SAE Brass Fittings
  • 60mm Gauges
  • Refrigerants: R1270/R290/R600a
  • BAR, PSI, Celsius
  • Temp. Ratings: 100C
  • Pressure Ratings: 800PSI High Side, 500PSI Low Side
  • Includes 3 Multi-Colored Charging Hoses.

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