PolyScience MX07R Refrigerated Circulat



Product Information

This polyscience MX07R is a refrigerated circulator allowing  you to cool your set up. The working temperature on this unit ranges from -20° to 135°C. This is a 7L refrigerated circulator, allowing for a large amount of cooled or heated liquid to be circulated through a system while maintaining a temperature stability of ±0.07°C.

On Screen Prompts – Lets you know what and when things should be done such as connecting data cables.

Large Universal Display –  Allows you to have an easy read screen with analog buttons located below.

Temperature Calibration Capability –  Single point calibration allows calibration to be carried out at one place only.

Wide Temperature Range – This range allows you to tackle a variety of  applications as it can heat or cool!

Note*- Units contain a fitting kit for external applications

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