PolyScience 7L Refrigerated Circulator

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Refrigerated Circulator

The PolyScience refrigerated circulator lets you quickly set and maintain a desired temperature for a liquid. Once cooled, your refrigerated liquid will then be circulated throughout your system. Now you can enjoy consistent, repeatable cooling in your laboratory.

The refrigerator itself is easy to use, with its 3.75″ display and touch controls. Controlling your liquid temperature has never been easier. These units are usable on our short path distillation kits.

USB connectable.

These recirculators can be connected to a computer via USB-A or B, RS-232/RS458. Not only that, but an external temperature probe may also be connected for recording temperature. The refrigerated circulators and chillers we carry come in different temperature ranges, so please select your model carefully.

  • On-screen prompts
  • Automatic performance optimization and specific heat tuning
  • Single-point calibration capability
  • Swivel 180™ rotating controller