PolyScience 6860 DuraChill



PolyScience 6860 DuraChill

The DuraChill 6860 Chiller by Polyscience is a 1.5 horsepower, air cooled turbine pump. Be advised that all air-cooled chillers should have plenty of open space around them in the laboratory area, as they depend on open ambient air cooling for them to function properly.  If the area around the unit is cluttered or surrounded by other heat-producing (or air-constricting) items, performance may be hindered as a result.

The high-capacity cooling from this unit makes it perfect for use in multiple applications, including lasers, electron microscopes, and various other laboratory applications. The working temperature of the DuraChill 6860 ranges from 5° to 35°C, and it has a temperature stability of ±.05°. The pump allows for easy adjustment of temperature, pressure, or flow rate, all while remaining small enough for almost any lab application. The pump has a flow rate alarm which will tell you if there is a problem with the overall flow of the system – a particularly useful feature for troubleshooting.

The flow rate for this pump is 3.5 gallons per minute. The flow rate of the DuraChill 6860 contributes to the cooling capacity of this pump and makes it a great pump for basic chilling purposes. The unit also houses a digital display for both pressure and flow rate, and generally has a smaller footprint to save you valuable room and floor space. The reservoir itself holds 3.5 gallons, or 13.25 liters, and it has the capability of one point temperature calibration.

A real work-horse, we can highly recommend this turbine pump for your laboratory. Still not sure if the DuraChill 6860 is the right choice for you? Give our staff a call at the number at the top of your screen, and we’ll help you decide which chillers are right for you and your lab. We’re always standing by to help you get set up the right way the very first time!

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