Old Style 0.9CF Vacuum Oven Shelves - ECO Oven




Old Style 0.9CF Vacuum Oven Shelves - ECO Oven

These oven shelves fit the Best Value Vacs 0.9CF Eco oven and are a great addition to anyone oven because they will provide more surface area for purging their material.

***Note: These shelves are sold individually - Please increase the quantity if you need more than 1 shelf.***

***Note: If your oven uses the brackets pictured below, these shelves are NOT compatible. They will only work with the newer, Railing configuration. The oven Railings are significantly easier to use, and slightly improve oven stability. If your oven uses the older brackets and you would like to upgrade, our Railing Upgrade Kit can be found here.***


Old Style Oven Brackets New Style Oven Railings

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