OG Biowar Nute

OG Biowar Nute Pack: OG Biowar Nute Pack


OG Biowar Nute Bucket, 10 kilo (22lbs)

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The concentrated Nute Pack from OG BioWar is a great way to massively increase the natural enzymatic food conversion of the N-P-K by microbes in the soil. Both used in grow and flower this Nute Pack will Super Charge your plants.   
See vigorous growth within a short period of time. 



The NUTE PACK is composed of:
-Nitrogen fixers, which convert nitrogen gas in to usable nitrate. Nitrogen fixers also will increase plant growth as they produce vitamins, auxins, and gibberllins. Nitrogen fixers give a boost to seedling germination and overall yield.
-Phosphate solubilizers, which will dissolve fixed tricalcium phosphate in to the usable form monocalcium phosphate. These little guys also produce organic acids (citric acid, lactic acid), hormones, and enzymes which will help in nutrient uptake and general plant vigor.
-Potash mobilizers,that will seek out Potash near the root zone and bring it to the roots of the plant. It is great for low K soil, or coco, since coco is known to “hold” K.
-Mycorrhizae. This product has 125 spore colonies per gram of each of the following endo mycorrhizae:
-Glomus intraradices
-Glomus mosseae
-Glomus aggregatum
-Glomus clarum

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