Nectar for the Gods Triton's Trawl

Triton's Trawl 1 Quart: Triton's Trawl 1 Quart


Nectar for the Gods Triton's Trawl
 Product Details:
Nectar for the Gods Triton's Trawl Liquid Fish Bone Meal was created for the customers that wanted a calcium-rich alternative that wasn’t made from a land animal but ultimately this product has become one the most unique and potent products in the Nectar line. 
The cartilage that makes up fishbone has more of an amino acid base that triggers the plants response to generate color and aromas in a different way than other animal proteins. Oregon’s Only Organics found that this difference is due to the fact that there exists an entirely different chain of amino acids in fish protein.
When in the test trials of this product their employees saw amazing enhanced colors and aromas. After they noticed these favorable results from the fish protein they began to incorporate the Triton’s Trawl with the Herculean Harvest during feedings and saw even bigger fruit size along with these new aesthetics that put the fruit on another level. 
The residual fishbone in the soil becomes a great food source for the microbial field for an extended period of time making the microbes rich in nutrient consumption as well as delivery to the plants. 
  • Made from only fish proteins.
  • Digested and hydrolyzed whole fish.
  • Brings out the aromas and flavors of fruits.
  • Works with Herculean Harvest to get better yield.

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