Nectar for the Gods Olympus

Olympus UP 1 Quart: Olympus UP 1 Quart


Nectar for the Gods Olympus Up 
 Nectar for the Gods Olympus Up from Monster Gardens is a product unique to the industry created from nanosized limestone suspended in water. Calcium is the most important molecule to any living organism and this product offers a new way to use limestone that was not previously possible.
Limestone is a rock made of the minerals calcite and aragonite, which are different crystal forms of calcium carbonate. Most calcium carbonate is composed of skeletal fragments of marine organisms falling to the bottom of an ocean and becoming a fossilized layer of  rock.
Calcium carbonate has been a staple for organic gardening for a long time but the ability to get instant availability for pH balancing and microbiology is new. Using a new process to get an extremely small particle size this calcium source is more available to microbiology while still being in a pure rock form.  
  • A pH up product unique to the industry.
  • Safely and naturally adjust pH with calcium.
  • Remains in soil after feeding and acts as pH buffer.
  • Prevents pH drift as organic acids leach from decomposition.

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