Nectar for the Gods Mega Morpheus

Mega Morpheus 1 Quart: Mega Morpheus 1 Quart


Nectar for the Gods Mega Morpheus 
Product Details:
Nectar for the Gods Mega Morpheus from Monster Gardens is the best available guano product on the market from an ecological perspective and plant usability standpoint. Maximum plant and soil availability are achieved through the unique and intensive biological digestion process.
Seabird guano is much more preferable to bat guano both from the horticultural and ecological perspective. The bat guano has much larger salt content and less of an inherent ability to release those bonds where seabird guano has much less salt with better biodegradability than bat guano has.
Bat Guanos are typically harvested using destructive techniques that cause permanent damage to the bats and thus permanent damage a vital part of the ecosystem. Very few guanos are harvested humanely and Monster Gardens recommends when you purchase guano tea, use the seabird guano for the above reasons.
  • Finely filtered.
  • Ultra-digested.
  • Unique in the industry.
  • Made with certified organic worm castings.
  • Humanely harvested ingredients.

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