Nectar for the Gods Hygeia Hydration

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Nectar for the Gods Hygeia Hydration Quart
ou can also use Hygeia’s Hydration as a wetting agent for foliar feeding nutrients and insecticidal pest control sprays. Yucca extract has inherent insecticidal properties in addition to being a great surfactant spreader you get the anti-mold and anti-fungal benefits from the saponin.
Note: Because of the high saponin levels, this product behaves like a soap when agitated and should not be used for heavily aerated reservoirs.
  • Encourages microbiology by creating a saponin coating over organic nutrients. 
  • Makes organic soil elements more available to microbes.
  • Assists in root penetration & nutrient absorption.
  • Contributes to chelation of nutrients.
  • Saponin extracted from Yucca schidigera.