Nectar for the Gods Bloom Khaos

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Nectar for the Gods Bloom Khaos 5 Gallon
Product  Details:
When you walk into a Monster Gardens retail store will see that we have all of our Nectar for the Gods nutrients prominently displayed for our organic gardeners. If you are looking for the best quality and most productive organic nutrient line ever made, then we show you the “Nectar”.
Nectar for the Gods Bloom Khaos is the driving force behind the nutrient line. Foliar spray up to twice a day in vegetative cycle and as little as once a week to see the benefits of stronger stems, shorter internodal length, and ultimately more vigorous flower sets.
Achieving maximum weight yields when using Nectar for the Gods nutrients will require feeding the maximum dosage rates of Bloom Khaos and Herculean Harvest. Use Bloom Khaos as a foliar feed during vegetation and early flowering and as a watered-in nutrient additive during late flowering. 
(Do not use this product without organic calcium as it will quickly cause deficiencies in your plants.)
  • Calcium-Facilitator.
  • Reduces plants stress.
  • Encourages more flower sites.
  • Yields larger and denser flowers.
  • Grows stronger and thicker stems.