Nectar for the Gods Aphrodite's Extraction

Aphrodite's Extraction, 1Quart: Aphrodite's Extraction 1Quart


Nectar for the Gods Aphrodite's Extraction Quart
Product Details: 
You have a short time at the end of your plants life cycle to sweeten your fruits and make them the most desirable. Aphrodite’s Extraction does this with a proprietary blend of sucrose, fructose, chelated nutrients, vitamins, and organic acids. Using an available sugar source (unlike molasses) to promote a healthy microbial population and maximum plant vitality. 
When sucrose and fructose are blended with proteins, they become a microbial feast essential to plants’ microbiological processes. The organic nutrients in Aphrodite’s Extraction are naturally chelated for increased availability to the plant which strengthens your plants resistance to disease by helping to promote photosynthesis.
Oregon’s Only Organics claims that carbon in the soil determines the strength of the Earth’s magnetic effect on plants. Their approach is to have greater carbon presence in the plant tissues for greater magnetic influence from the Earth, which they claim leads to a faster life cycle and better yields. Monster Gardens has no reason to doubt them.
  • Experience dramatic flavor improvements when applying it in the last weeks of the plants life cycle.
  • Use as a microbial food source instead of molasses to protect your microbiology.
  • Allows the plant to process more sugars to improve its ability to procreate.
  • Works as an excellent food source for a microbial rich tea.
  • Provides organic acids necessary for enzymatic activity.
  • Complete balance of vitamins A, C, D, E, B1, B6 and B12.
  • Increases in disease resistance and yields. 

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