Molecular Sieve Beads

Size: 2kg


Molecular Sieve Beads

– Carbon Chemistry

The all new Molecular Sieve Beads from Carbon Chemistry increase the separation of compounds in your system. Pores on outside of these special beads let different-sized molecules enter, while rejecting others. The result is increased fractionation in your lab.

Uses and benefits:

  • purifying gases and liquids,
  • removing water vapor from hydrocarbons and alcohol vapor,
  • as a drying agent for solvents,
  • beads can be reused – just reheat them in an oven, which dehydrates/reactivates them,
  • can be used for removing carbon dioxide from streams of air passing over the beads.

Once these molecules are adsorbed by the pits or cracks in the beads, separation is increased. Smaller molecules will simply fall into the cracks/pores, while larger molecules will pass through unimpeded.

These beads are highly porous, and they have a surprisingly large capacity (comparable to 3A, 4A and 5A molecular sieves).

They can can adsorb all molecules that are able to be adsorbed in the 3A, 4A, and 5A molecular sieves, making them an excellent addition to any laboratory.

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