Molecular Dry Sieve



The Purge Labs molecular dry sieve is designed to keep moisture and other unwanted compounds out of your solvent. The sieve zeolite can be activated and used by applying heat at a temperature of 450°F to the bead bed. They can also be reused after absorbed compounds are released from the zeolite. Be mindful of absorbed solvent as high levels of residual solvent can pose a fire hazard. Activation and regeneration are accomplished by pouring the zeolite beads onto a cookie sheet in a thin layer, and then placing the sheet into a vacuum oven at full vacuum (-29.5″Hg) for at least one hour to purge any residual solvents before applying any additional heat. Release and purge your vacuum oven after an hour has passed. Next, pull another hard vacuum and set the oven temperature to 450°F. Allow the beads to remain in the vacuum oven at that temperature for around two hours to fully regenerate. Finally, remove the beads from the oven and place them into the Dry Sieve tubing. Never operate solvent through a dry sieve filter without first attaining a vacuum. 

  • Molecular Dry Sieve 3"x12",
  • 2 dome lids with 3/8" MNPT,
  • 2 Screened Gaskets,
  • Filled with desicants,
  • Fittings for 1/4"JIC+3/8"JIC
  • 304 Grade Stainless Steel


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