MK III Terpenator©

73 Gram Column (1.5" x 12"): 73 Gram Column (1.5" x 12")


The MK III Terpenator© from Terpp Extractor is a closed loop hydrocarbon extractor developed and copyrighted by JD Ellis, aka Grey Wolf, formerly of Skunk Pharm Research, now Pharmgold and built by Terpp Extractors. The MK III is designed for Butane & Propane solvents. 

Terpp Extractors bottom-flood Terpenator© design allows for superior solvent soaks versus top-flood designs. The design also allows for heat application on the column to recover all the solvent vapors normally trapped in the column through the liquid "overflow" line without releasing unwanted compounds into the collection pot. If top-flood is desired, the solvent input valve may be easily relocated to the top of the material column. The MK III can also be modified as a bidirectional system allowing you to flood the solvent from the top, bottom, or both in the same cycle.

  • Superior yieldsExtraction Equipment
  • Recover up to 99% of solvents through closed loop extraction
  • Remove 'Mystery Oil' and contamination from dirty solvents
  • No open gases
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Scalable up to 1,000 grams (2 Pounds)
  • Assembled & tested

    What this included:

    • MK III Terpenator©
    • Column size of your choice
    • Flexible column hose
    • Compound gauge
    • Operation training (Available in Fort Collins, CO. Terpp Headquarters holds a freedemonstration day twice a month.) 
    • Operating manual
    • Terpenator© Operating Schematic
    • Tech support 

    Other needed equipment to operate this unit: 

    • Recovery Pump (CPS TRS21; Haskel Model 59025 or EXT420)
    • Stainless Steel Condensing Coil or Molecular Transformator (CPS MT69) & additional 3/8" Teflon lined stainless steel braided hose
    • High Vacuum Pump
    • Teflon lined stainless steel braided hoses
    • 3/8" line Filter-Drier
    • 30# or 50# Refrigerant Recovery Tank
    • Refrigerant Scale
    • Butane (EcoGreen Industries)


    • Extra safety precaution equipment: Combustible Gas Leak Detector

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