Liebig Condenser – Vacuum Jacketed

Joint Size: 24/40-29/42


Vacuum-Jacketed Liebig Condenser

– by Lab Society

Vacuum Jacketed Liebig CondenserOur vacuum-jacketed Liebig Condenser gives you expanded options for your condenser. Each piece is detachable, and they can be replaced if needed, giving you ultimate flexibility over your set-up.


  • comes in two sizes – 24/40 and 34/45 top outer joints
  • Eliminates need for chiller/heater– the thermal jacket is so efficient at retaining vapor temperature through the condenser that one does not need a heater/chiller for first pass!
  • vacuum-jacketed – to retain thermal efficiency
  • UV detector compatible (for distillate analysis) – this major competitive advantage gives you a more accurate time frame for when to stop or start catching a new fraction.
  • All sizes have 29/42 bottom inner joints.

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