Liebig Condenser

Joint Size: 24/40 Top Outer- 29/42 Lower Inner- GL-18s- UV Detector Compatible


Liebig Condenser

– by Lab Society

Liebig CondenserOur new, detachable Liebig Condensers are well-suited to just about any distillation run you can throw at them.

All of these condensers have a 29/42 lower inner joint and a varying upper/outer joint, depending on the model you select.

The glassware is designed to be cooled (or heated) to common laboratory temperatures, depending on your specific needs.

Liebig Condenser Features*:

  • vacuum take-off – A vacuum connection can be attached to the condenser.
  • drip tip – distillate drips directly into receiving flasks 
  • UV detection area – for distillate analysis
  • GL caps – All units have GL connection ports for heated or cooled liquids.
  • can be used with either hot or cold fluids – GL caps have a temperature range of -45 to 200°C.
  • made of lab-grade borosilicate glass
  • made in the USA

*Note: Exact features will vary based on the Liebig Condenser model selected. Models without the one-inch extension do not have UV detection capability. Models without the vacuum take-off adapter do not have the capability to have a vacuum pulled or monitored from them.

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