LAX Infrared Laser Thermometer

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LAX Infrared Laser Thermometer Temp Gun


LAX Single point laser thermometer has a 9V battery included and is accurate within +/- 1.5% reading or 1.5C(1F) and has an LCD readout display.



Infared Yes
Measurement Range



Spectral Response 8-14 Micron

+/-1.5% & 1.5C(3F) < 0C(32),(1C(2F)+/-0.2/1)

Maximum upon calculating while work temp is among 23C(73F) - 25C(77F)

Repeatability +/-1.5% reading Or 1.5C (1F)
Display Resolution 0.1C(0.1F)
Response time(95%S) 500mSec
Distance Spot Ratio (D:S)=10:1
Default 0.95
Aim Single Point Laser Target
Power 2 class output: <1mw, wavelength from 630-670nm
Battery  1x 9V Battery
Working Temperature Range 0C~50C(32F-120F)
Relative Humidity 0-90%-30C(86F)
Storage Temperature -20C~-65C(-4F~150F)

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