Krytox High Vacuum Grease GPL-207



Krytox Grease

GPL 207 for High Vacuums.

Krytox Grease is used in many lab applications for greasing joints/connections. Krytox provides excellent performance in temperatures ranging from -75 °C (-103 °F) up to 399 °C (750 °F). One of the key advantages of Krytox Grease is that it is non-flammable and chemically inert. It is also chemically insoluble in just about all solvents.

A true “space-age” formula, this grease provides stability, tremendous performance (even at high temperatures), and it achieves fantastic lubrication even under the most demanding of conditions. The GPL Line stands for “General Purpose”, and the formula is derived from PFPE oils combined with PTFE powder.

Suitable for high temperatures and high vacuums.

Many petroleum products (if not most) have the tendency to degrade when the temperature conditions become more extreme. They can also become too viscous when temperatures start getting below zero degrees Fahrenheit.

Durable for long-lasting performance.

While many other forms of hydrocarbon lubricants tend to fail after 1,000 hours, Krytox Grease has lasted over 5,000 hours without succumbing to failure, even when exposed to high temperatures. This incredible performance is what separates Krytox High Vacuum Grease from many other would-be competitors.

Within the GPL range of 200-207, 200 represents the least viscous of the range, while 207 is the most viscous. Krytox Grease GPL 207 has an oil viscosity of 5.5 cSt at 40°C.

Combustion and oxygen resistant.

Furthermore, the Krytox brand contains just carbon, fluorine, and oxygen (which means no hydrogen or silicone are present), so its make up does not burn or lend itself to supporting combustion.

At the operating temperatures at which it is most commonly used, Krytox Grease is very resistant to oxygen attacks in both gas and liquid form, making this product a highly-respected and well-trusted choice within the industry.

What do the Krytox Grease numbers mean?

The different numbers of GPL grease signify different formulations and compounds, with the 200-207 range representing a smooth grease. GPL 207 is similar to the GPL 100-107 range (which are oils), but 207 has been formed into the consistency of grease, making it perfect for vacuum applications.

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