Julabo Heating Circulator



Julabo Heating Circulator

This product is an external heater. In these machines, water is circulated though the unit and heated to a set temperature. The working set temperatures vary between different models, but they typically have a range in the neighborhood of 20 to 300 degrees C. However, be advised that higher operating temperatures may require special auxiliary equipment, such as stainless steel bath tanks and pump connections.

Ideal for external temperature control.

This heating circulator unit is made of stainless steel, and it was designed for both internal and external temperature control. The unit does, however, have greater efficiency when heating a larger and more open system. This makes it ideal for external temperature control. The unit’s bath reservoir has varying capacities based on the selected model, and different  models can be combined with accessories like: sensors, heat transfer liquids, adapters, and more. This model also has an integrated cooling coil, which will allow the pump to operate at or slightly below the ambient temperature in the room.

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