HUBER Unistat 405 Refrigerated Heating Circulator



The Unistat range inspires with unique thermodynamic properties and a range of functions to meet the highest demands. Unistat technology guarantees precise, reproducible temperature control results, the shortest possible heating / cooling times and large temperature ranges without the fluid change.


  • Precise and reproducible temperature control results 
  • Fastest heating and cooling rates 
  • Wide temperature ranges with no fluid change
  • Pilot ONE controller with 5.7 in. touchscreen and comfortable menu
  • Adaptive temperature control, self-optimising
  • Efficient circulation pump 
  • 2 x USB (Host and Device), Ethernet and RS232 interfaces 
  • Efficient operation saves working time and operating costs
  • Proven functionality for the process industry
  • E-grade "Professional" included


1kW at 0°C
1,5 / 3,0kW
Safety class III/FL, DIN 12876
Pilot One
Unistat 405
–45 to 250°C
230V 1∽ 50Hz/400V 3∽N 50Hz

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