Heidolph Hei-VAP Precision G3



Heidolph Hei-VAP Precision G3

The Heidolph Precision G3 rotary evaporator has an extensive array of user-defined parameters, making it perfect for reproducible applications and fully automated processes in your laboratory. The Heidolph brand is synonymous with quality in the field, and the engineering on this rotovap is world-class.


  • fully automated processes
  • available in both manual or motor lift
  • comes with a large, 4.3″ color display (which contains information about the system)
  • integrated vacuum controller
  • preset distillation programs
  • USB interface
  • up to 20 separate settings per ramp, (including ramp naming)
  • individually preprogram vacuum gradients.

The Heidolph Precision G3 even has an automatic process timer – when done, the flask will rise from the bath and will automatically release the vacuum.

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