Heidolph HBX: Hei-VAP Industrial S Rotary Evaporator



Heidolph HBX: Hei-VAP S

The “Best-in-Class” Industrial Rotary Evaporator

Heidolph have done it once again with this top-of-the-line industrial rotary evaporator. The HBX is easily one of the most powerful industrial evaporation units Heidolph has ever made. With a whopping 20L evaporating flask and up to two, 10L receiving flasks, this mammoth of a unit can almost certainly handle any job you can throw at it. The bath portion of the Hei-Vap S Industrial Rotary Evaporator can achieve temperatures of up to 180°C and accept either water or bath fluids.

Touch screen interface.

This state-of-the-art system features a gorgeous touch screen interface, perfect for displaying all relevant information and adjustable parameters. Capable of greater degrees of automation than ever before, you can now program ramps and much more.

Industry-leading safety and protection.

This industrial rotary evaporator now houses the recovery flasks in a new, drawer-like device, allowing you to slide recovery flasks into a protected portion of the system. This protected area features non-fogging safety glass, and its hood houses the glass while reducing the chance of breakage.

Standard options on the unit include: spillover prevention, an integrated water refill system, and a release valve at the bottom of the unit. The impact-resistant PMMA door creates enhanced protection for both the user and the glass. The Hei-VAP also has lighting inside of the protected glass areas, to ensure that you can keep a watchful eye on everything that’s happening inside.

Outstanding programmability.

Heidolph’s new system comes with two separate programs: SET Pressure and Auto Accurate. The Set Pressure program will hold and monitor a vacuum’s set pressure, and the Auto Accurate program allows the unit to identify the boiling points of multiple compounds automatically by monitoring reductions in pressure of the system.

A Monster Industrial Rotary Evaporator.

For those who are serious about rotary evaporation on an industrial scale, this flagship product is about as powerful as it gets. Heidolph have engineered this product to the absolute strictest standards of precision, quality, and efficiency. Each and every component can be considered “best-in-class”, raising the bar for the entire commercial rotary evaporator industry.

Purchasing a top-tier product like this is a major decision for some labs. You want to be sure that this incredible system is right for you and your lab. So give us a call, and we’ll guide you through the process so that you can find the exact solution to suit your needs.

*Note: This unit requires a Vacuum Pump as well as a chiller for the condenser. This unit supports an a attachable base cart, which is not included.

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