Heavy Harvest Premium Compost Tea Bags

Small 5 Gallon Bag: Small 5 Gallon Bag


Heavy Harvest Premium Compost Tea Bags

Finally a durable, easy to clean, and well engineered compost tea brewing bag. Heavy Harvest Compost Tea Bagswill allow you to achieve the healthiest biological production possible! With a simple closing system and multiple hanging points, these bags can be used in any type of compost brewer. Heavy Harvest Tea Bags come in two sizes. The small bag will work in brewers from 3 gallon up to 15 Gallon. The Large Tea bag will work in brewers from 20 gallon up to 800 Gallon. Brew yourself to biologic greatness and finally see what your tea brewer can do for your garden!

There are three sizes:

Small: Fits 1 gallon - 5 gallon brewers
size: 9.5" x 12.75"

Large: Fits 15 gallon to 1000 gallon brewers
size: 17.75"x 25.0"

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