Heating Mantle



Heating Mantle

– Glas-Col

A heating mantle is a device that is designed to hold various round bottom flasks. These heating mantles should be combined with a temperature controller as the mantle itself has no way of regulating its own temperature!


  • stainless steel construction
  • heating coils are spaced evenly around the mantle
  • heat over a massive surface area, with near total coverage
  • top and bottom included
  • 2L size
  • designed to meet or exceed industry specifications
  • magnetic stirrer not included

Evenly heat material.

Heated coils are wrapped in a heat-resistant fabric, which is designed to withstand the temperatures generated by the unit. The principle behind these devices is that they allow for an even transfer of heat to substances contained within the round bottom flasks.

Expanded temperature range.

When controlled properly, this unit has an extensive range of temperatures, suitable to the most common applications.

Note: Any device designed to generate extreme heat can represent a potential fire hazard if plugged directly into a wall and left unmonitored. Always follow the guidelines stated within the mantle, and never leave them unattended.

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