Graham Condenser, 300mm Length



The Perfect Glass Graham Condenser.

– by Lab Society

Graham Condenser
Our original graham condenser is a an absolute necessity for the process of terpene distillation. This custom-made piece of glassware is made of borosilicate glass, and it has a delicately coiled inner tube to allow for additional cooling due to the increased surface area.


  • 432 mm. length
  • American-made glass
  • two 24/40 joints

Despite the impressive engineering of the inner piece of glass (zoom in to see more), the unit is sturdy, high-quality, and highly functional for any industrial lab.

American-made, top quality glass graham condenser.

Our glass condenser is 432 mm long, and 100% custom glass made right here in the USA. The Lab Society Graham Condenser is designed to be connected to other components using glass joints, so make make sure to use a ring stand or one of our clamps for support.

The unit functions by condensing vapor, turning a substance from a gas to its liquid state. They are especially useful when organic compounds have been heated beyond their solid state.

Two 24/40 joints.

Both upper and lower joints are size 24/40.


If you are unsure about how to use a condenser or getting the right graham condenser setup in your lab, give our sales team a call today!

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