Glass Thermometer – Jointed



Glass Thermometer - Jointed

Our non-toxic, jointed glass thermometers are filled with mineral spirits to reduce hazards in the lab, so there is no need to have a mercury clean up kit on hand! Safety is our top priority here at Lab Society, so we only supply Mercury-free, environmentally friendly thermometers that meet the standards of the International Temperature Scale of 1990 (ITS-90). The organic liquid is set against white-backed glass.

Highest-quality manufacturing.

Each glass thermometer is manufactured with only the finest quality glass on the market, and they have all been calibrated in an approved laboratory for calibration. These products are manufactured to meet only the most exacting of standards, so you can absolutely rely on them in commercial laboratories in which precision is paramount.

A jointed thermometer.

Jointed glass thermometers were specifically designed to fit snugly into a joint, which makes them ideal for use in vacuum systems or in sealed off scientific glassware. These thermometers were designed to have a sleek footprint for minimal impact on your system.

Submersible for gas or liquid measurement.

When selecting your glass thermometer, pick a length and joint size that will be suitable for the depth of immersion (in either gas or liquid) that you are looking for. Make sure you select the right thermometer for either partial immersion or total immersion, depending on your needs.

Easy to read.

The markers on these thermometers are subdivided by 1° increments, with a temperature range of -10° to 250°. We carry glass thermometers for all of the most common joint sizes and lengths.

Used in many industries:

Petrochemical, pharmaceutics, medical, manufacturers, breweries, distilleries, organic chemistry labs and much more!

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