G2 Executive Short Path Distillation Kit (2L)

Size: 2L


The second generation (G2) of Lab Society’s Executive Series 2L Short Path Distillation Unit is  more comprehensive and integrated than any system before.  This bench top-scale distillation system includes all of the clamps, hoses, connectors, accessories, and tools to perform distillations efficiently and with ease.  The system also includes material transfer tools, cleaning tools, and extra setup parts to allow the user to configure the system to fit their laboratory’s needs.  Lab Society’s precisely engineered parts and patent pending glassware designs make the distillation process easier, less user involved, and more efficient.  

The G2 system utilizes precise temperature controllers, temperature monitors, and vacuum monitors for complete process control as well as automation/data logging features.  All of Lab Society’s controllers are PC-compatible with software available on labsociety.com or via the product manual.  With a computer connected to the controllers, the user can easily control the G2 unit while data logging, setting ramp programs, and/or I/O functions. 


  • Batch Capacity: 1000mL (approx. 1100g dewaxed oil)
  • Optimum capacity: 400-800mL
  • Absolute Max. Capacity: 1200mL (approx. 1320g dewaxed oil)
  • Main Body Fraction Flow Rate: 200-400g/hour
  • Batch Duration: 4-8 hours (Estimated)
  • *Batch durations are dependent upon primary extraction method, pre-processing methodology and material composition.
  • Benchtop Size: 24” x 24” x 30” (not including pump/trap/circulator)
  • Distillation Head Options: V2, V2 Silvered, and PDH-1A   
  • American Made Glassware and Controllers
  • Heating Mantles: 850w, 115V, 7.5 amps.
  • Max. System temperature: 260°C (PTFE / PFA Temp. Limit)
  • Stirring Motor: 18w, 100-120V
  • Speed Range: 100-1500 rpm
  • Vacuum Monitoring: 15w, 100-120V
  • Range: .7 mTorr to 800 Torr

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