Foxfarm Soluble Tri-pack, 1lb



Foxfarm Soluble Tri-pack, 1lb

A portion of the proceeds from FoxFarm's Soluble Tri-Pak goes to the Hydro for Hunger initiative that battles hunger around the world.


With three pH balanced blends of extra strength micro and macro nutrients, the FoxFarm Soluble Tri-Pak includes everything to supercharge the flower potential in any garden: Open Sesame (5-45-19) to encourage early flowering and ripening, Beastie Bloomz (0-50-30) for maximum blossom development and heavy fruit, and Cha Ching (9-50-10) to improve taste and aroma. Tri-pack can supplement an existing feeding schedule or be used as a stand alone nutrient line up in soil and hydroponics systems.

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