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The 1300 from ExtractionTek Solutions has been available since 2011. This unit has the industries leading safety record and has been responsible for over 2 million individual extraction runs. With a maximum capacity of 10 liters the 1300 is among the most field tested extractors on the market.


  • Capacity - The 1300 offers a maximum capacity of 10 liters.
  • Size - At a total of 4 square feet (2’x2′), The 1300 footprint can easily be installed into even the smallest of extraction labs
  • Technology - ExtractionTek’s proprietary Sub-Cool Injection™ technology, allows operators the ability to inject and recover solvent without the mess and added time of heating and cooling of the operating tank.
  • Integrity - Proudly assembled in Colorado, ExtractionTek refuses to compromise on material quality. The 1300 is built using steel manufactured and fabricated only in the U.S.A.
  • Verified - The 1300 has been third party peer reviewed by Professional Engineers and meets all regulatory requirements for safe and legal operation in Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Nevada and Maryland.
  • Certified - The 1300 meets or exceeds all industry listed standards for: ASME Section VIII, IFC, NFPA 58, 3-A Sanitary Standard, Class 1 Division 1, NSF and UL21.

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