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Digital Vacuum Oven

– Across International

The ELITE series Digital Vacuum Oven comes from industry-trusted brand Across International. This unit features a five-chambered, vacuum-jacketed heating system that covers all but the glass portion of the chamber.


  • consistent heating
  • reduced drying times
  • fully adjustable

Consistent heating.

These new ovens ensure that heating takes place in the most consistent way possible, leading to only a 3% temperature difference across the shelves. Metal internal vacuum tubing was chosen, as it will hold a better vacuum and will contribute to durability.

Reduced drying times.

These vacuum ovens can greatly reduce drying times by maintaining a consistent vacuum level within the chamber by utilizing a vacuum pump. The proportional–integral–derivative controller (or P.I.D. controller for short) regulates the system and constantly makes adjustments to ensure that your oven is always at the right temperature.

Fully adjustable.

The elite unit of this digital vacuum oven comes with one (P.I.D.) controller for temperature monitoring and has two flow control knobs or pressure adjustment knobs on the front to help the user keep a constant vacuum level inside their system.

Notes on operation:

When receiving one of these units, we recommend that you heat the oven (under no vacuum) to 400 degrees F for around 15 minutes before use. This is to ensure that no grease, oil, or manufacturing residues have been introduced into the oven before operation.

Please remember that Lab Society is not responsible for misuse of our vacuum ovens in any way. When using this or any digital vacuum oven, make sure to fully read the manual and operate using best practices and safety guidelines.

Lab Society sales and support.

Bearing that in mind, if you are unsure which digital vacuum oven is right for you, feel free to reach out to us or give us a call. Our sales and support staff is standing by to get you set up with the right equipment for your lab – don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions you might have.

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