DuoSeal Vacuum Pump, Belt Driven



Belt-Driven Vacuum Pump - DuoSeal

This DuoSeal Vacuum Pump from Welch is belt driven, which means that it is often lower in cost at the outset. These pumps can achieve an ultimate vacuum level, and they have a high tolerance for contaminants due to a large oil capacity.


  • belt-driven
  • optional exhaust filter
  • works well with a cold or vacuum trap & pump filter
  • ultimate vacuum
  • different phases and voltages available.


  • 0.8 CFM x 0.0001 torr

Advantages of going belt-driven.

The process is straightforward: the motor turns a belt, and the belt in turn drives the pump. The motor and gearing allow for lower RPMs than some other pumps, which will contribute to less eventual wear and tear on internal parts. This means that it can save you time and money in the long run.

Optional exhaust filter.

This pump has the option for an exhaust filter, which is recommend to reduce the chance of oil spilling. A filter also reduces the amount of oil needed for operation. The DuoSeal Pump Oil should be checked daily for cloudiness, and the pump should be constantly monitored for damage, as these factors are some of the biggest contributors to maintaining a pump™ lifespan.

Works well with a cold or vacuum trap as well as a pump filter.

It is recommend to always use a cold trap or vacuum trap with these units, to eliminate as much contamination as possible from reaching the pump and pump oil.

Pump filters may be used to prevent vapor or gasses from leaking into the system

Proper care and maintenance will greatly extend the life of this product.

Ultimate vacuum.

On the technical specs side, these pumps can reach deep ultimate vacuum levels and have variable displacement capacities ranging from low to high.

Different phases and voltages available.

The DuoSeal Belt Driven Vacuum Pump works well for samples that contain solvents, aqueous vapors, or that have high boiling point compounds. The pump can be ordered in different motor phases, voltages and may be ordered with an oil mist filter as well.


If you need assistance on figuring out whether a right belt driven vacuum pump is the right choice for your laboratory, or if you have any questions about realistic maintenance schedules and possible alternatives, feel free to reach out and Contact Lab Society today. Our team will guide you to the right purchase, and we stand behind our products and service!

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