Digital 76X Stereo Scope with 9" 1280x800 HD LCD Screen

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Tired of peering into the tiny eyepieces of a traditional microscope, carrying a laptop with your microscope to a presentation or setting up the complicated software on your PC? These microscopes are the answer. With a 9" 1280x800 resolution LCD screen, they free you from the fatigue, nausea, dizziness and blurred vision associated with prolonged work with traditional microscopes. They let you view/share your work and output to a PC or projector thru a USB/HDMI cable. Great for educational and research institutions.


 Model  MG21
 LCD screen
 9 inches with 1280x800 resolution
 Optical magnification
 7 - 45X
 Digital magnification


 Total magnification
 12X - 76X
 Max working space height  7.5 inches (from platform to lens, when lens is raised to its highest position)
 Photo/video playback 
 Crosshair/arrow pointer
 Crosshair coordinate color  Black/white/red/blue/green
 Focusing system  Coaxial coarse/fine focus system
 Condenser  Sliding-in condenser NA1.25
 Illumination  Adjustable 4-direction circular illumination system
 Exposure and white balance  Manual/automatic
 Menu language  English/Korean/Japanese/Russian/French/German/Arabic/Latin/Spanish
 Power  110-230VAC 50/60Hz single phase
 Weight  Unit: 10 Lb, shipping: 19 Lb
 Dimensions (WxDxH)
 With stand: 9.5x12.5x17" unit: 9.2x10x9.5", shipping: 17x12x24"