ChillKing 1/2 HP Outdoor Spot Chiller



Chillking chillers are specifically designed for water-cooled gardening applications. Compared to aquarium chillers, these chillers put out more BTUs of true cooling power than any comparable chiller on the market. These are the same units as the window/indoor mount units but come with a water-proof controller and some sealed internal components. These units utilize an efficient scroll compressor and a custom made, all copper heat exchanger, making them them the most energy efficient chillers you can buy - guaranteed. Assembled in the USA. All inclusive 90 day warranty with a 1 yr. warranty on parts. 1/2 HP /6000 BTU/5.5 amps/120v.

The 1/2hp chiller is good for small setups with minimal heat removal requirements. Best for cooling smaller lights such as 2 600w lights, 1 1000 light, or potentially more if additional cooling sources are available in your garden. Is also good for cooling HydroGEN CO2 generators. Please contact us if your cooling requirements are greater, so that you purchase the right chiller for your needs.

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