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Vacuum Purge Oven

– Cascade

These Cascade Vacuum Purge Ovens are a high quality, scalable laboratory oven solution. Vac purge ovens are excellent for: outgassing, removing water or other residual solvents, drying products, baking out, and a host of other applications.


  • made in the USA
  • perfect for removing water or residual solvents
  • PID controller included
  • multiple sizes and types available

Vac Purge Oven

Made in the USA.

These ovens are all made right here in the USA, from a top quality manufacturer. Each model utilizes specialized sensors and and a wide range of other safety precautions to keep your lab (and the occupants within it) safe.

PID controller included.

With the oven’s easy to read PID controllers and analog vacuum knobs, operating and finely controlling these units has never been easier. Lab Society offers several packages of these ovens, so please be sure to read about each different model to see which oven will fit your application best.

A wide range of vac purge oven sizes and types.

The size of these units varies from benchtop all the way up to a large capacity, 10 cubic feet oven. These ovens are capable of heating to up to 200 °C, and they can pull vacuum levels of up to 10^-6 Torr depending on the pump to be used.

Vac purge ovens are a staple in organic chemistry laboratories thanks to their wide range of practical uses. We only carry ovens that meet and exceed safety expectations so that you can stay as safe and productive as possible, for as long as possible.

Pro or Standard Packages Available.

Each unit can be bought in a Pro Package or a Standard Package. If one chooses not to get a pro package lab society recommends a vacuum pump from welch, such as a direct drive or CRV pump.

The pro packages come with everything needed to set up the oven right out of the box, and each package has everything you need to get up and running in no time.

Note: Each vac purge oven comes with shelves included. Only the Pro Package comes with a Vacuum Pump!

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